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Dawn on Rigel B4, with its two moons and the Rigellian chagga (Cyanocerus rigelus).

Rigel: Youthful Beauty and Exotic Mystery

In all the universe there is no more fascinating place than a planet teeming with life. And there are so many of them.

The trip to Rigel may take a couple of weeks, but there are several wonderful stops along the way.

What has puzzled scientists for ages is the fact that, though the extended Rigel system is so young, this planet revolving about Rigel B seems strikingly mature—far older than its parent star. Read more...

Trifid World: Stunning Vistas

Near perfect alignment of K'Gartha-Tel and its two moons, near the Trifid Nebula.

Though it takes several long months to travel to this world, for some it's well worth the long wait in order to see this stunning view up close.

A light dusting of nebular debris gives the appearance of snow on this airless moon. Read more...


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